Want the planner used by top professionals to INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY by 33% in just 15 minutes? That's a no brainer....I'll take one of those, please!

About uS

the story behind the planner…

Hi! We’re Matt & Maria Granados – and we are the overly excited founders of the LifePlanner.

See, we’ve been searching for this tool for a long time…well since we were each 15 years old actually (that was a WHILE ago!).  It wasn’t until our crazy world collided just a few years ago that we realized we could create the tool we needed.  Matt is a serial entrepreneur and I (Maria, I’m always writing…) am a nonprofit exec. director. Our worlds are wildly different, but the tools we need to succeed, we learned, are not.

For OVER A DECADE we’ve been students of “time management”, researching and using the top tools on the market to help us manage our “busy” lives.  But we’ve struggled with something major.  Sure we were able to manage all the busy-ness, but we still weren’t progressing towards our goals.  This “time management” thing was letting time drive our lives and making our goals sit in the back seat. We have struggled to find a tool that puts what we want first and lets time go to work for our goals.  That’s when we put together this system.

We discovered tools that work and wound them together into one system.

We call this the Life Planner, or LP for short.   The LP took our life from “busy” and “managed” to PRODUCTIVE and FREE.   Not only that, but the LP helped us identify our purpose, set and achieve our goals, manage our priorities, and live optimally every single day.   Now, we want to share it with you.  

You deserve to achieve your goals and get the life you want!

As we mentioned before, we struggled not only finding a “planner” that actually did more than just “manage” our time, but we struggled even more finding a planner that appealed to the sleek and glam tastebuds.  We have developed a sophisticated system that takes every area of your life into account.  And for all it does, it’s also EASY to use!  We have had everyone from CEOs to stay-at-home moms use the exact same planner and love it! In fact, 100% of LifePlanner users agree, that when used consistently this system INCREASES THEIR PRODUCTIVITY.

Now, it’s your turn to crank up the productivity!

Let's Crank it up!