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Natural Law of Systems

Success is in the system!

NATURAL LAW OF SYSTEMS Success is in the system… I recently hit a plateau in my exercise program.  I found myself unable to grow or gain any success in increasing my “personal records”.- you know those obnoxious “PRs” all of us crossfit people won’t stop...
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Natural Law of the Mastermind

two minds are better than one

NATURAL LAW OF THE MASTERMIND Two minds are better than one… I just got off the phone with a young entrepreneur I know.  He just had the most enlightening and productive three weeks of his life.  This young dude is addicted to growth…and so is...
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Natural Law of the Harvest

It's really in your hands...

NATURAL LAW OF THE HARVEST It’s really in your hands… We have all heard this time and time again in our lives.  But, are we really getting it? See, sow = “do”.  As we “do” to ourselves, others, this world, etc., we are actually laying...
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Natural Law of Non-Verbal Communication

It's not WHAT you say...

NATURAL LAW OF NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION It’s not WHAT you say… When it comes to truly being PRODUCTIVE in your interactions with others, there’s really no better natural law than this to make it happen! When you are speaking with someone face-to-face, what do you notice most…what...
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Natural Law of Perpetual Motion

Get it started!

NATURAL LAW OF PERPETUAL MOTION Get it started. I see this Natural Law at work every single day.  Once I complete one task in my Brain Dump, I set myself in motion.  Pretty soon, I am scratching off tasks, crushing weekly goals, and on my...
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Natural Law of 80/20

Where does it come from?

NATURAL LAW OF 80/20 Where does it come from? I am awake for about 18 hours of the day.  Six hours of sleep seems to be my sweet spot. I spend about ONE hour over at Iron Tribe Fitness in the mornings.  I spend ONE...
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Natural Law of Imagination

You better believe it.

NATURAL LAW OF IMAGINATION You better believe it. Being “in shape” was a goal of mine for as long as I could remember.  I hate to admit it, but my physical goals were all based around vanity.  A few years ago, these goals stopped inspiring...
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Natural Law of Concession


NATURAL LAW OF CONCESSION Go BIG. Think about a nonprofit organization for a second.  They need $25,000 to close their funding gap, but want to fund other projects as well.  They approach a foundation and make a big request for bigger than they need but...
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Natural Law of Emotion

What's the winning combination?

NATURAL LAW OF EMOTION What’s the winning combination? Have you ever been in a critical meeting and knew you had a “logically sound” pitch, but no one “bought” what you were sellin’? As we have mentioned before, no matter what you “do” you are in...
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The Natural Law of Exclusivity

Are you one of the few?

NATURAL LAW OF EXCLUSIVITY Are you one of the few? Have you ever wondered why we follow the advice of “gurus” – you know, the Tony Robbins-wanan-be’s who seem to have access to the knowledge that takes you from ordinary to extraordinary? I think...
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